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Gay Amateur videos - what is it about gay amateur porn that makes it so much better than the highly polished gay studio productions? is it that the gay amateur movies look like someone's own homemade gay porn - maybe something they've shot themselves while having a fuck buddie round .....

I've long been a fan of amateur gay movies, why? well I think its the voyeur in me as you really do get the impression some of these movies are private movies that guys have just filmed themselves - after all what's more horny than watching a couple of guys fucking - the amateur gay videos listed here are only for streaming or video on demand download as we don't sell gay amateur dvds in the UK anymore

We have loads of Amateur Gay PPV videos these are just a sample :-

  • Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video (Streaming PPV ) - if you want to check out one of the best in gay amateur videos you won't go wrong with a Auntie Bobs Amateur Gay Video although quite where the name Auntie Bob's came from god only knows !! If your familiar with these films you'll know the homemade style and use of young gay gays makes these videos a must download for any fan of gay amateur movies & this video starts Tim a lean gay boy from Texas and being just 20 he's as cute as hell ant that's just the opening frame !!! - A must gay video streaming film
  • American Amateurs ( VOD Gay Download) - US gay amateur videos and with a collection of twinks & smooth, tan guys its a videos download MUST with the main stars being Kody & Christopher the action is set around a hotel room where the only thing Christopher wants is all 8" of Kody's cock inside his cute little ass. You have to take your hat off to American Gay Amateurs as they always find the sexiest young amateur gay guys to video
  • Club Amateur (Video Streaming Movie) - Club Amateur have produced loads of gay amateur videos this move is full with gay amateur fucking with many of these gay guys fucking for the first time on video - In this video you have Matt, Danny, and Lyle having some fun but looking at this video you do get the impression lyle gets the better deal LOL - stream the video and you'll see what I mean
  • RamJet Amateurs (VOD Gay Download) - Ramjet gay amateurs produce 100% hardcore gay videos and considering one of the guys is packing a thick 10" cock this is a must download one thing you sure this amateur video will make you hard & wet! so get the tissues ready. In these videos they waste no time getting right into the action with kissing, sucking, fucking great amateur gay movie
  • British Cum Eaters (British Gay Video) - looking for true gay british videos the Shoot Productions will offer you this and more with young & mature UK gay gays fucking on video but with the twist that the movie has the great feel of a homemade gay movie. Like a lot of gay movies it starts with two young gay guys standing in a room & dropping there shorts for some great sucking action and he soon gets to work on his throbbing dick before flipping him over to taste his hungry arse before pushing his 8-inch cock into his hot hole and that's just for openers - great gay streaming movie

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