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When it comes to porn videos nothing beats streaming dirty horny housewives videos!! I love to see these wives and milfs fucking guys normally while the husband is out somewhere, probably fucking some young teen girl, but you can't the experence of an older women!

I've been a massive fan of UK Wives videos for a long time and think I've streamed or downloaded just about every copy of Viewers Wives videos - the amateur style product combined with horny wives fucking make this a must see video.

These are just a few of the recent horny housewives videos I've either download or streamed many more are listed by following the banner:-

  • The Desperate Wives (Streaming Vid ) - There desperate and these horny wives will fuck any guy that walks or is dragged in their homes. Watch as they cheat on their husbands while getting fucked by guys with monster cock. Im sure these wives never let there husband fuck them up the ass the way these guys have done .This Video is packed with loads of scenes! A must download movie
  • Unfaithful Wives ( VOD Download) - See what happens when the husband's are away and the housewives have an itch that only a hornyt guy can scratch or in these wifes cases fuck , anyone and everyone who they can get their hands on - VOD Streaming movie
  • Bad Wives (Video Streaming Movie) - Board housewives OMG if your a trademan be carefull these dirty housewives have one thing on there minds and its not the price you quoted its the cock between your legs they want and nothing is going to stop them. Bad Wives is a great streaming movie download and features many genuinely sexy hardcore scenes. see why the streaming movie essentially swept the AVN Awards after its release.
  • Viewers Wives (VOD Download) - When it comes to cheating housewives & horny wives this collection of movies from Your Choice is the best! it features only UK horny housewives doing what comes easy to them - FUCK just make sure you check out Carol boy I wish she lived next door to me, this is one wife that loves to fuck and she almost doesn't care who knocks on the door if she ready for action - This is a classic video thats avalable on both video streaming & VOD download great Gonzo movie

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