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Streaming PPV Videos - How does Pay Per View work?

Pay Per View / minute adult videos & streaming movies - if there was a god in the world of porn I'd thank him for inventing streaming PPV movies ;0) How many times have you bought a naff video?! Well with Pay Per View if the adult movie is naff you turn if off and go find another porn rental film!

Adult Pay Per View Streaming Movies FAQs

  • How does PPV Streaming Movies work - it's very similar to download movies, you look around the site click on the video cover to get more info and if you like what you see you start viewing it's that easy - BUT a big plus point with PPV you will have scenes you can jump straight into, normally a movie is split into 4-6 scenes and you can choose where to start the video by clicking on the thumbnail shots
  • How much is it - 4p a minute
  • How do you pay - you buy chunks of time and the more time you buy the cheaper it is, starting from £2 for 17minutes to £20 for 575 minutes
  • How do I know how much is in my account - at anytime you can login to your account and that will show your remaining time and more can be added when ever you want to
  • When do I stop paying - once you stop the movie that's it you no longer pay, so should you only watch 5 minutes you only pay for 5 minutes
  • How many films can I watch - As many as you like, if your time lasts so you can jump around checking out different films, in fact some people do this then once happy with the adult video they download or stream it all
  • How fast do the Adult Movies Stream - straight away give or take a little time lag/buffering (max 20sec)
  • What if I get stuck and need help - there is 247 live support should you need it
  • Is there a membership fee - nope it's free, all you need do is set up the account so you can deposit money into your bank for the minutes
  • What is shown on my credit card - AEBN.inc
  • Do I need special equipment - to stream adult movies onto your PC all you need is a copy of Realplayer or Windows Media Player nothing else
  • Geek alert - techie questions not answered here check out these pages
  • NEW!!! - We now also offer Full length Adult Video Downloads

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