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Sasha Brabuster Movie Black BiG Beautiful Women .......

OK say one BBBW porn star and the name Sasha Brabuster Movies comes up after all all you really need do is look at this porn stars MASSIVE TITS coming at a massive 44KK ( fucking ell I ask YOU 44KK!!!) and black butt that can block out the sun and its clear that Sasha Brabuster is in a league of her own within the BBW porn stars industry.

and if you're looking for fun this porn star is also an escort mind you I'd hate to think how much it would cost to spend some time with Sasha Brabuster after all how many of us BBBW fans wouldn't chop their little finger off to get between Sasha Brabuster and lick out that fact black clit and never want to come out

I put up just a few of Sasha Brabuster movie that are either for download or streaming but shortly we will also be selling BBW DVDs for those that want to buy Sasha Brabuster DVDs

Recent Sasha Brabuster streamed movies :-

  • Busty Black Cum Queens ( Big Black Downloads ) - For Fuck's SAKE talk about the understatement of the year, I've streamed and even bought DVDs with busty birds but Sasha Brabuster breaks the funking mould. It would have to be a studio like Big Top Digital to bring this movie out as we have more interracial hardcore with four hot black beauties 100% guaranteed to satisfy your needs and the first movie debut of Sasha Brabuster and Akara, Dee Dee and Monica.
  • Phat Cocksuckers 2(VOD Stream) - Heatwave Movies and the great Phat Cock suckers series bring on the biggest beautiful black chicks that are hungry for cocks and getting fucked HARD. Stream this movie and watch the Phat Cocksuckers as they team and give head like no other black porn star can these girls give the ultimate blow jobs and spread their massive fat cheeks for pounding fucking pleasures and Sasha Brabuster gets the fuck of her life .........
  • Big Um Fat Black Freaks 3 (Video Streaming Movie) - You know why would any guy or indeed girl want to fuck a skinny girl when you get a hold of one of these big black beauties. Sasha Brabuster is so cuck hungry in this movie she practically smashes Jay into the ground and fucks the life out him ! Sasha Bra Buster is gonna blow u away in this download with massive tits and so flexible in the way she fucks ! also starring Chocolate Nights, Mz. Buttaworth, Jay Talishious & Choclick Ty
  • Big Big Babes 9 (VOD Download) - Its all about BB Babes with big, big everything's and nothing is bigger than Sasha Bra Buster and those 44KK monster knockers as they bring on these cum bucket sluts that desire constant FUCKING Here we have Mercy along with Sasha as these black beauties guaranteed your every need for hardcore sex in this movie for either download, streaming or PPV
  • Much More To Love 9 - ( Streaming only Movie) Totally Tasteless Video and the great "much more to love" collection of DVDs and here in number 9 we have a girl that could never be accused of not having enough that's Sasha BraBuster. She big!! bodacious!! and one hell of a plus-size black babe that's hot and ready'! Fat is where it's at! and Sasha's one hell of a big black bitch

Still not sure Sasha is the all round heavy weight queen of the BBBW's then check out some of these screen shots I've taken from movies that have been previewed on this page

Click here for all Sasha's Movies

So if you love your WOMEN BIG then you'll never find a women bigger than Sasha BraBuster so use the link above and check out her great films, or hit the banner below for a free sample movie