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Streaming Videos FAQs - what's VOD streaming movies about?

Streaming videos, are you new to the term video on demand or streaming videos? If so hopefully we can give you some information on this great way to stream or rent porn movies straight onto your PC - so STOP buying adult DVDs until you've checked out these great streraming VOD features.

Adult Streaming Movies FAQs

  • What is Adult Streaming Movies - it's a way of having adult movies sent straight to your PC no downloading & no waiting around for DVDs to turn up. You look thought the vast selection of movies then watch it, it really is that easy
  • How fast do the Adult Movies Stream - this is the really great thing about streaming porn films you can have a connection speed as slow as 56k and still stream the adult films, obvouisly the faster your connection the better
  • How expensive is it - prices start from £4.95 for 48 hours rental, so about the same as renting a DVD from the local high street, but with these you don't have to go out and the selection of adult movies for streaming is massive, we are talking 10,000s of films enough to please anyone that's into porn movies & videos
  • What if I get stuck and need help - easy the company that provide the streaming videos offer "live 24 hour support" so it doesn't matter where you are if you're having problems just hit the live help button and someone will help - 24/7
  • Is there a membership fee - nope it's free, all you need do is set up the account so you can deposit money into your bank for minutes or pay by credit card
  • What is shown on my credit card -
  • Do I need special equipment - to stream adult movies onto your PC all you need is a copy of Realplayer or Windows Media Player nothing else is needed and in most cases Windows Media player will be already installed
  • Geek alert - got some techie questions not covered here then check out these pages

So, now you know about as much as I do about streaming adult videos, but as all I ever do is click on the film and chose either streaming or download it is really not that hard, so stop buying adult DVDs and stream your porn today! We now also offer Full length adult movie downloads

These VOD vidoes are for adult viewing ONLY if under 18 leave!!!



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